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Remembering The Days You Could Have Civilized Conversation...

Was just outside with Maggie, and since our back yard adjoins the bike path that runs through Ashburn Farm, we get to see a lot of people passing by.

One friend managed to stop by, and over the fence we had a great discussion on politics. He and I are 180 degrees different in our opinions on politics, and to make it even worse, he was wearing a University of Virginia T-shirt. We even joked I needed to go inside and get something with Virginia Tech written on it to balance everything out.

We had a very spirited, yet civilized conversation. We don’t agree on much, but listened to each other. When done, we wished each other well, and I told him to come on back tomorrow and we’ll solve more of the world’s problems.

Couldn’t help but think heading back inside about how this is the way it used to be. On social media these days, it seems like with every debate, you have to state your position and then seek to destroy anyone who doesn’t see it the same way you do. Vary from the narrative, and you must be attacked.

Also couldn’t help but think how much better the country might be right now if the people we elected would listen and have reasonable, civilized discussions instead of the “my side must destroy your side” antics that seem to occur regularly. Can’t say I’m all that optimistic about that happening these days, however…

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Guest — Joanne Dunne

Civil conversation - the Ameri...

Couldn't agree more with your observation. We have to find a way to talk to each other. If we can't, we'll never solve our problem... Read More
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 13:12

Another Positive Sign That Things May Be Heading Back To Normal

Another sign that things may be getting better as it relates to the virus: My wife is one of those people who gets Loudoun Alerts texted to her, and during lunch she said she had gotten one warning of traffic delays because there was going to be coronavirus testing over at Bolen Park in Leesburg.

But then shortly afterward, she got another alert saying there wasn’t much traffic at all and if you wanted a test, you could come out and be tested with no wait.

Shortly after that, my favorite Ashburn site, TheBurn posted this story saying the same thing, reporting zero wait at the noon hour, which traditionally has been the busiest time.

I may be adding two plus two and getting five, but this morning I went to a grocery store and encountered few people and very little traffic on the streets, as if people had gone back to work. Then there’s a test site for the virus which last time it was run encountered a huge wave of traffic.

Today…no wait.

Something’s going on.

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So Easy, You Wonder Why It Took So Long To Allow Them To Open

Yesterday I got my first hair cut since the shutdown, and now that it’s a day later, it has struck me that the solution sure ended up being awfully simple.

The barber shop in Broadlands I normally go to has six chairs, and I can’t ever remember it being so busy all six chairs were occupied. Normally you might see as many as 4 being used, but in fairness, I go there during the week when it’s not busy. On a Saturday or Sunday, maybe all six are used then.

But yesterday, all that needed to be done was not use the two middle chairs. The two on one end had a wall and the doors to back office storage facing them. The two up front ajoined the front desk and waiting area, but the shop made anyone waiting stand and wait outside on the sidewalk.

There was a steady stream Sunday morning of people showing up without an appointment because it was the first day they’d been open since the lockdown. People were immediately turned away without a mask, and the rest were allowed in 1 or 2 at a time to make an appointment, then they left.

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If You Didn't Know Better, You'd Think People Were Back At Work

Just went out grocery shopping, and there are some not so subtle signs going on that things are changing here in Ashburn.

I’ve always gone grocery shopping either early in the morning or late at night to avoid a lot of people also out shopping. Since Giant stays open until 10, going there at 9 on a weeknight usually insures you’ll be lonely. With Harris-Teeter or the other stores that close at 8 PM (and it’s no longer necessary folks; go back to your normal hours) I go right when they open shortly after 6 AM.

Not today. Went at 11 AM and it was like a typical Monday a year ago. Very few cars out, very few people in the store, almost like people have decided it’s time to go back to work. The store still had some blank spots in their selection, but they had a little of everything.

Particularly noteworthy were the islands of paper towels throughout the store, as if they want to remind you to not forget picking up some; two months ago that and toilet paper were the first two things you went looking for and were often greeted by empty shelves. And yes, there was toilet paper…quite a bit in fact, and the brands had names like Charmin, versus the single ply stuff you were forced to either accept or wait until you got to the office in late March.

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