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Just When I Thought I Wouldn't Be Needing A Snowblower...

Yesterday, I finally fixed my snowblower, which had choked on a large edition of a Washington Post I had accidentally run over two weeks previously. I jokingly said I needed it to snow one more time to see if I really had repaired everything.

Then I looked at The Weather Channel app this morning. And they did not seem to get the joke.

Their forecast (as you see above) says the high on Saturday will be 36, the low will be 26, and that there is a 100 percent chance of snow. No hedging, no small crack of escapability in the forecast, 100 percent. Dead. Sold. Certain.

How much? The Weather Channel is saying 5 to 8 inches. Not flurries, not the usual spring slushy mess that is over before it begins. Five to 8 inches. A real storm. And that evening, it’s like an infomercial on a cable channel late at night: Wait, there’s more! The chance drops to 50 percent, but it’s for an additional 1 to 3 inches.

So if my math is correct, The Weather Channel is saying we could have 6 to 11 inches of snow on the ground by Sunday morning. Which is the 7th day of April. This would break all records for snowfall in the month of April in Ashburn, Northern Virginia, and probably most of the Eastern United States.

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No Snow in April, I refuse to ...

February warmest ever, March colder with snow, now this in April---Kammerer just trying to drive up ratings. HAS to be global war... Read More
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 17:04

Superintendent Williams Leaving Loudoun County Public Schools

As if there hasn’t been enough change around here in 2020, it looks as if Loudoun County Schools will soon be naming a new superintendent.

Eric Williams has been the head man since July of 2014. But a press release by the school system tonight announced Williams was named as the sole finalist for Superintendent of the Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD), a district serving 42,000 students in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area. By comparison, that’s about half the size of LCPS, which has 83,000 students in 94 schools.

Being a sole finalist is like running unopposed, so the job is his. The only thing keeping him from accepting the job are Texas regulations that say once you name someone a sole finalist, you must wait a minimum of 21 days before making the announcement of the appointment official. With today being Nov. 9, Texas has to wait until the end of the month before the job officially is offered to Williams.

Texas officials have made no announcement of a start date.

“Dr. Williams is a dedicated and passionate leader, and we will miss his service and advocacy for all students,” the press release quotes Brenda Sheridan, Chair of the Loudoun County School Board. “He effectively promotes high quality teaching and learning while working  to build an inclusive, safe learning environment with high expectations for all students. It has been my honor and privilege to serve on the Loudoun County School Board during Dr. Williams’ entire tenure as Superintendent.”

Once the appointment is official, then LCPS can go about the process of looking for his replacement. As this is a high-profile position in one of the country’s wealthiest and fastest growing counties, I’m sure it’s going to take a while before they complete the process.

“Parents can have confidence that the entire LCPS team that they know and trust with their children’s education will remain focused on providing equitable, caring and engaging learning experiences for our students,” Sheridan said in the press release. 

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Remember WAGE? Well, The Station It Became Has Just Been Sold...

If you’ve been around Loudoun County for any length of time and followed local radio, you may find this a bit interesting.

It comes from website, and notes that “Herndon-based Potomac Radio Group is buying WCRW, 1190, in Leesburg and WUST, 1120, Washington, from Falls Church-based Potomac Radio.” Selling price for each was $750,000.

If you ever followed the escapades of Leesburg’s WAGE, that station eventually became WCRW. Potomac Radio purchased WAGE, promising to keep it local, but ended up combining it with another station they owned so they could up the power and create a 50,000-watt powerhouse AM signal. The company had owned the 1190 frequency, and WAGE was on 1200, so one of them had to go. They were combined into the 1190 frequency.

To get the tower approval to up the power to 50,000 watts, these owners again had to persuade the community they would continue with local programming, which they did. But shortly after they got the approval they had long wanted, they abandoned those notions and became a brokered station for China Radio International. Such brokered programming is exactly what their other station – WUST 1120 – did. It was if that had been their plan from the very beginning.

The reason for the sale now is obvious. The owner of the company died in June of 2015, and the contract with China Radio International, according to DCRTV, is due to expire at the end of the year. The station would almost have to start over from scratch in terms of format and revenue stream, which usually makes the conditions right to sell to somebody else and let them come up with a new plan.  

It brings to a close a long and interesting chapter in local radio that I had a front row seat for, having been WAGE’s General Manager for about a year and a half before all this happened. Not familiar with WAGE? Well, here is something I wrote about them on their 50th anniversary back in 2008:

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Protect Your Data, And Never Mess With A Photoshop Master

Since Facebook has us all thinking about just how much of our personal information is out on the web, I conducted a simple experiment this morning:

I entered my name into Google

The first group of items that returned were no surprise: Links to articles I’d be quoted in, old stories on me from back when I was in the business world, who I am on Twitter, etc. I expected that.

But then came wave after wave of sites that claimed to have all the information on me going back to the time of my birth, and for just $49, they’d sell it all to you. Many offered teasers in the first paragraph, and after scrolling through them I saw not only my name, but how old I am, my address, my home phone, the names of my wife and daughter, every town I’ve ever lived in, the addresses and home phone numbers of those places, etc.

About the only thing I didn’t see was my cell phone number, social security number and blood type. The rest is out there. Most even offer you the opportunity to click on a link near my address so you can see an aerial photo of my neighborhood and directions for how to drive right to my home so as to not inconvenience you if you decide to stalk me.

This is more than Facebook. It’s like every credit card application, every company you’ve ever registered with, every time  you’ve interacted with the business world, someone has sold your information, and companies out there compile it in a database and try to sell it.

It’s like, why even try?

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After A 31-Year Wait, Cowne Gets His Super Bowl Ring

If you are over at C.S. Monroe Technology Center in Leesburg these days and want to see a Super Bowl ring, go find resource teacher John Cowne.

Lost in the media crush of the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup parade Tuesday was the fact that the replacement players who participated in three games during the Washington Redskins' 1987 Super Bowl season finally got their rings. They weren’t originally going to, but a 30 for 30 special on ESPN recently bought a spotlight to the fact they didn’t get rings, and the organization responded.

Cowne, who is also an assistant to Head Coach Mike Skinner at Woodgrove here in Loudoun County, played collegiately at Virginia Tech. He was on the teams of Bill Dooley from 1980 to 1983, primarily as a long snapper on teams that had a combined record of 31-14 and played in a bowl game. Cowne made an attempt at the NFL in 1987, playing for the San Diego Chargers before being waived at the end of the exhibition season.

The Brentsville District High School standout then got a call from Charlie Casserly, who was responsible for putting a replacement team together. On the night of Sept. 22, 1987, Cowne joined his new teammates at the Dulles Airport Marriott and ended up playing in all three games, including the Monday night October 19th 13-7 win over Dallas.

But just like in the movie “The Replacements”, the next day it was over and players were told to clean out their lockers. Cowne, the first and only player in the history of Brentsville District High School to play Division I football (and now get a Super Bowl ring), returned to teaching high school and coaching, where his stops have included positions at Loudoun Valley and Broad Run here in Ashburn.

Thanks to Will Montgomery’s Twitter feed (a fellow Hokie and Redskin) I was even able to grab a picture of Montgomery and Cowne (Cowne is on the right) and a picture of that newly minted Super Bowl ring.

This of course raises another question I will have to investigate: how many high school football coaches in Loudoun County have Super Bowl rings?

I now know there’s at least one….

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Guest — chrisG

It's about time--very cool

and thanks for sharing the County connection---I guess you'll have to go to Academies of Loudoun to see it in the Fall!
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 11:25
Dave Scarangella

I was at the ground-breaking f...

Will be interesting to see how all the plans came together...
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 11:39


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