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She's Always Going To Be A WonderBeagle To Me

Yesterday, I got a late start on my daily writing because it was time for Maggie The WonderBeagle to go see the vet.

Judging from the vet’s reaction, she now understands why I call her a WonderBeagle, even though the last time she was there, they had the audacity to say she wasn’t even part beagle.

That’s because when we first bought her to the vet the week after we had adopted her as a rescue in December of 2019, she weighed about 12 pounds and looked like a beagle. Our long-time vet said that she looked a little like a beagle, but she also seemed to be a plain ol’ hound, so her guess was she was a mix with more hound than beagle.

Because of the way vets work in these days of house arrest, the last few visits have involved dropping your dog off and whoever is available looks at her. But last December, our usual vet saw Maggie and came out to see me in the lobby.

“Is this that little dog you got from the rescue people that we talked about a year ago?” she asked. I nodded and she said “well I was wrong. This is a 100 percent American Foxhound. Beagles don’t weigh 65 pounds.” Sure enough, I looked on the AKC site and under American Foxhound is a picture that looks exactly like a male version of Maggie.

Sounds like the ghost of Elvis is trying to tell me she ain't nothing but a hound dog.

Elvis also sang "don't be cruel," so with all due respect, she’s still a WonderBeagle to me. And yesterday, she showed why to the vet who treated her.

Maggie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had, but what makes her unique is I honestly think she believes she’s a human. As you saw a week or two ago in this picture, she doesn’t just crawl up in a chair or sofa and curl up in a ball. She sits up like a human.

If you’ve ever been to a vet’s examining room, then you know there is always an examining table, and right next to it is a chair, meant for the comfort of the dog’s owner, not the dog itself. When the assistant met me at the front door, she took Maggie back to a room, and when Maggie saw the chair, she assumed it was her.

She jumped up into it and sat there like a human, waiting for the doctor to make her next move.

The vet called us to express not only her surprise at this, but the fact that when she administered the checkup and gave her the necessary shots, Maggie just sat in the chair and did what was asked. She turned her head when asked as her ears were being examined, and she even extended her paws when asked for them so they could take a look.

“She’s really incredible,” the vet said. After getting a perfect bill of health, we came home and she jumped up in a chair, sat up, and looked out the window in search of squirrels, just like she did at the vet. She’s even part of the cutout crowd at Virginia Tech games at Cassell Coliseum (as you can see in the above picture), sitting in the very same chair, striking the very same pose.

So yes, Maggie is an incredible dog. No, she’s not part beagle. But I don’t care, I’m still going to keep calling her a WonderBeagle.

I mean, they expect us to believe that fat guy in the cell phone commercial doesn’t have his mom’s number on speed dial and instead misdialed it and ended up talking to a stranger named Carl. Or some guy joined the army to get a discount on a Penn Fed loan. Or that anyone on the planet likes Totino’s pizza rolls. No one questions that.

So why should anyone question me keeping a name for a brilliant sweet dog with legs the size of a giraffe, an all-day appetite, and a constant need to be in my lap even if she weighs as much as the biggest bag of concrete at Home Depot? I understand what the AKC is saying, and in the case of other dogs, I’m willing to accept their decision.

But not this one. She’s special.

And she’ll always be a WonderBeagle to me.



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Sunday, 28 February 2021
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